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What is Love Leadership

Several years ago I was walking through the streets of the city of Puebla in the routine of my daily activities when it everyday in our society unfortunately a little boy asked me to give him a “bread”, not surprised because it was not Primea Once I was in this scene I asked the little boy What’s your name?, I answered Michael, I continued saying “Where are your parents?, without any setbacks have answered that I did not know where her Papa and her Mama was working and I had to work to bring food for her four siblings. Moved by the situation of small and his supposed family offered him some money in anything that would solve its big problem. It is said that the family is the nucleus, the center of society, however, been observed that in this type of family disintegration and a total absence of the Father, as well as in those where no lack of bread to eat there a great need for a Father who can not only meet the basic needs such as home food, safety, belonging, but there is also a great need for love that is characteristic of a true leader or Family Guy. We could mention great men throughout history recognized for their achievements and feats to conquer nations, to discover or invent devices that benefit humanity or industry, great leaders who changed the destiny of their nation for their contributions or business leaders who managed to exorbitant profits, etc..

English Language

A new opened this month, offering a new methodology for language learning. Number16 School, located on the street of San Miguel of Zaragoza, proposes a form of structured oriented and guided conversation called Speak Your Mind. This new methodology is totally different from traditional classes that everyone has received at school or college and enter a more contemporary approach, helping students and professionals to speak in the foreign language in weeks. Leave forgetting homework or grammar lessons boring because everything will be learned in the classroom dynamic. Speak Your Mind The method emphasizes just talk, so that students can get real results quickly. The lessons are effective and suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced, help with speech and language, as well as pronunciation.

Gemma O’Reilly, director of studies Number16 School added: “I am sure that our native teachers and myself will be able to help hundreds of people in our community and certainly Number16 collaborate with other local businesses, organizing events around the theme of learning English. ” Sergio Development Manager School Number16 said: “I have to confess I never been easy, especially when you have to read pages and pages of grammar in school. I spent a year in the United Kingdom and that’s when I realized that the only way to learn a language well is to practice, repeating and when teachers speak to the actual speed of the street. Attend a school that used a methodology of learning English as a Speak Your Mind. That’s when I thought I needed an academy type Zaragoza Number16 conversation based on official tests. Fo