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Marketing Research

According to a report from the DSM Group, from January to August this year, drug prices increased by 15,2%. Purse patients was not bottomless. The rapid rise in prices has led to the buyers began to prefer the cheaper counterparts.

Producers can and would be happy to hold prices, but depending on exchange rate in the industry is too strong. As Putin said at a recent meeting on the strategy development of the pharmaceutical industry in Russia, “in our country, drugs produce about 350 enterprises, but their market share does not exceed 20% in value terms, Else – import. In addition, over 80% of the raw materials used in our country, brought from abroad. As a result, appreciation of the dollar and euro jeopardize the work of many local manufacturers. “In early 2009, there was decrease in production volumes, – says Irina Katasonova, manager of the research infrastructure of the Center for Marketing Research (CMR) Pharmexpert. – One major reason was a change in course currencies, which led to the rising cost of imported raw materials for the production of finished dosage forms. In this crisis situation in the market is also complicated by the sale of products, especially in the regions – a sharp rise in prices and unemployment have a negative impact on sales.

The Use

Carts are easy to use, they are easy to manage, take up little space. Economic base truck is made of steel pipe, and that gives strength and lightweight construction. Wheels – from strong plastic and rubber. Weight truck is on average 3.5 kg. On the economic carts should be made transportation of various goods, ranging from printed materials to the food products. For the transport of liquids there specially designed model. Large trucks can be attributed to the use of simple design, compact dimensions, weight and ease of use. Without them this does not do street trading.

Cart is made of steel pipe. Due to the design and special polymer, which is covered with steel pipe, significantly extends the life of the trolley. There are a number of different forms of commercial trucks: trucks hand trucks, pallet trucks, motorized vehicles. Of course, for street trading is suitable hand trucks. Firstly, they are pretty cheap, and then hand trucks are ideal for transport of goods of different scale and mass. There is a two-wheel and four-wheel hand trucks. Load capacity of two-wheeled carts around 300 kg. They are well suited to carry cargo on small distances, which is packed in a box.

Structural strength is provided by using as a base of steel pipe. Compact and easy to operate pneumatic wheels provide a large diameter (250h80 mm). The surface of the trolley something which has a corrugated appearance of models, it creates the effect of friction and insure the goods from sliding. Very popular truck-transformers with 3 working positions (horizontal, vertical, angled 45 degrees). When operating the truck in an upright position carried no large-scale cargo, 45-degree angle – the big loads. The use of carts in a horizontal position allows the use of it as a platform option. To deliver the bottles there is a special version of the cart that holds four 19-liter bottle. Opportunity to use such a model in 2 positions (horizontal and vertical) is very easy delivery process. Four-wheel carts are capable of transporting cargo up to 800 kg. It happens that they are equipped with boards and special baskets.

International Financial Centre

The dynamics of housing markets suggests that there will always be periods of rise and fall phases, but in recent years, the uae real estate sector has demonstrated unprecedented growth. However, the only constant for all cycles – is that after every recession is necessarily positive growth. Rents for property in man-made island of Palm Jumeirah and the upscale residential area of The Springs in the first quarter of 2010 increased by 5 and 2% respectively. Furthermore, in these areas Dubai was recorded the highest level of deals, thanks to affordable credit and prices. Rental rate of villas in the emirate has not changed compared to last quarter, and in some locations even slightly increased. Despite the demand for real estate projects with easy exit in the direction of Abu Dhabi, such as The Green Community and the Arabian Ranches, the increased number of free sites have led to some decline in rental rates.

A similar The situation in the residential area of Mirdif. On average in the first quarter, prices for apartments in Dubai real estate market fell 5%, but closed areas with developed infrastructure, such as a new center of the city and Downtown Dubai man-made island The Palm Jumeirah property values have increased by 2%. Market players say that rent or sell apartments in buildings that have only recently been put into operation, it is difficult. This is because that in the new buildings on the market at the same time leave hundreds of housing units and to sell property or rent owners have to make concessions in terms of cost of housing. According to experts, because of supply new finished property will be hardest hit areas of Discovery Gardens, Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lakes Towers. Is still demand for residential property in Dubai is concentrated in the closed locations with good infrastructure, but there is a big difference between asking price and one that investors are willing to pay. Demand for office property in Dubai is reduced, which leads to a decrease in rents by an average of 7%. In addition, the reason for the decline was the commissioning of new buildings in areas of International Financial Centre, jlt, and Tecom. Interestingly, some developers in response to changing market conditions they want to redesign the office buildings into residential buildings or mixed type. This suggests that the developer did not seek quick profits by selling an exceptional property, and tuned for long-term use of assets by putting objects in a rented or leased.