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Latches are most often used when a high degree of tightness of the gate at the closed gate. The butterfly stopper (code 32) Butterfly valves – a type of fiber reinforcement which the locking element in the form of a disk with a diameter approximately equal to the inner diameter of the pipeline, opened and closed by rotation of the disk around an axis perpendicular to the axis of the pipeline. In butterfly valves Region the use of more narrow in comparison with other types of valves. This is a consequence of the fact that their design is ill-suited for operation at high and medium pressure working environment. Butterfly valves combine the two basic functions of valves – regulation and blocking the flow. If we compare the gate with a seal in the case of closures with seals on the drive, we can distinguish the main advantage – much less the impact of environment on the seal, and this increases the longevity of the latter. Types of seals closing element: – ring seal on the drive – with an elastic seal in the body – with a flexible jacket in the body – with metal seal. By reducing the durability of the shutter is achieved resilient seal, which ensures greater integrity than the metal.

If there is no gate (or other means of closure devices) can be manufactured in repair shops is relatively simple in design closure with seal on the drive. Valve hose (code 33) Shutter hose (code 32) The difference between a hose valves that work Wednesday passes through a flexible pipe (hose), it is deformed under the action of the spindle changes the cross-section of S, consequently, consumption and production environment. Cons hose valves: – low temperature controlled environment to 80 C; – a small working pressure of 10 kgf/cm2; – for clamping flexible pipe requires significant management efforts. The main advantage of hose valves – complete sealing of the working environment from external and disadvantage – the low life of an elastic sleeve. Hose valves operate in any environment, if it does not destroy the material hose. Flexible tubes are made of rubber (petrol-resistant, oil resistant, chemically resistant).

Just to plus hose valves are: – does not allow stagnation of the product, because direct-flow design with a small hydraulic resistance – in the closed position, flexible tube securely closes the outlet, cutting off the supply medium in the outlet pipe. Under the current implementation and functional hose gate valves intended to close the hose valves with code 32. In this connection, in practice one type of valve is replaced with another. If talking about the replacements, then bolt the hose wise to replace the membrane cut-off valve, or a more expensive option for replacement bellows valve, it also provides a complete seal.

Biodiesel Bioethanol

History and differences from fossil fuels to biofuels are a hot topic. But the development of these fuels, which slowly to substitute fossil fuels to low, isn’t so new, as it is believed. Proceedings were almost 50 years before the invention of the diesel engine developed for the production of bio-diesel for example already in the middle of the 19th century. Just like today the former mixture based on the basis of vegetable oils, during this time gained from peanuts. Around the turn of the century then, even Rudolf diesel was highly personally on this new fuel carefully and showed at the Paris world exhibition 1900 surprised that normal diesel engines without modification with the vegetal fuel ran. Another important step was followed in 1937, when the Belgians G. Chavarine patented a process of Transesterification with ethanol and methanol. Thus significantly improved the conditions for the use of bio-fuels as a fuel substitute.

Even a bus line was converted at that time with this procedure. In the following Decades improved considerably, the production of biofuels has been standardized the process for the production of biodiesel fuel quality until 1983. Austria then in 1989 inaugurated a plant for the commercial production of bio-fuel that could produce 30000 tons in the year. Many more followed in the 1990s. Meanwhile, many countries, including also Germany and the United States, compulsory blending of biodiesel have introduced to conventional diesel, to protect the environment and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The biggest difference between classic oil and vegetable oil, based on the bio-fuels, is the origin of course.

While oil from underground, huge oil reserves funded for example on offshore oil rigs or oil, vegetable oil is obtained from renewable raw materials such as sugar cane or oilseed rape. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. The technology for the promotion of mineral oil is mature and it is possible to use large quantities of oil to promote. However, oil reserves are limited and will go in the future to the tilt. In addition, only a few countries have access to oil resources, which leads to high prices and political tensions. But also the production of vegetable oil has its disadvantages. While the raw materials are renewable, whose production in the competition for the production of food is available. Often the use of arable land for the production of biofuels in developing countries could lead to disruptions in the food production and supply. A trend from which to fear is that he will still grow in the future. Christian Jung

Making Money Online

If you have tried for months to earn money online, then you will probably feel frustrated and want to leave everything behind. Is that you? If so I ask you not give up. The Internet has made many people rich and you can do the same if I attached to it. The key is finding a work system and work with that system. Many people enter on any system without taking the time to understand things. Daily promotions are the people who make millions of dollars and do not realize the hard work it takes to get to that point to win that much money. Earning money is not for the lazy.

Once you realize that, unless you have money to spend, you take much time doing things to help you generate traffic to your website and then earn money online. This is a business and you treat it like that. You can not go to work, do nothing and wait to get paid. Most likely is you’re fired. How do you expect to make money online without doing anything? Does not work that way. You’ll have to write articles, creating videos, and write press releases almost every day if you want to get results quickly. When it comes down to this, the amount of money you make is a direct reflection of the amount of time and energy you spent. If you put little effort you get few results. If you really want to make money online, enough to replace your current job, then you have every possible effort.

So The Case Of The Demographics Don

Currently, experts argue whether the shortage in Germany is already acute or incipient. One thing is certain: with the demographic changes, the number of potential employees falls in this country continuously at least as long as the companies do not change their personnel policy. The measurement of PERSONAL2011 North (Hamburg) and South (Munich) demonstrate how companies of demo demography-related personnel need can counteract. Women leaders bring”employed this theme not only on international women’s day being down numerous companies. Approaches, such as the women’s quota be discussed just now so hot, is related to the sword of Damocles specialists and lack of leadership. Human resource managers must confront now reinforced the new bottleneck situation. In practice methods emerge here, rarely used in this context to the language: for example, the flexibility of working hours and place of work.

Combined with laptop, Smartphone or iPad The technical possibilities, to offer the same working conditions for employees regardless of the place of work, know instant messaging, video conferencing, or social media hardly borders. The Otto GmbH & Co KG has therefore introduced for many executives trust working time. Also exempt employees as officer, officers, or employees at the middle management can share an increasingly freely their working time. No longer there solid core working hours”, explains Michael Picard, Director personnel of the Otto GmbH & Co KG and keynote speaker of the PERSONAL2011 North. More and more employees make their work place demand and are no longer during their work time at a fixed place of work in the corporate office and rising.” A workplace in the trading company making it attractive for professionals and executives who better could agree on work and family as a result. In addition, modern technology sophistication that experts distributed together work anywhere in the world.


Roshydromet drafted climate doctrine, and the Ministry of Energy proposes to create a market for the sale of carbon credits. Rostekhnadzor called the most favorable and unfavorable environmental terms of the Krasnodar Territory. Winter in Russia will be reduced by almost a month. In Russia there will be domestic analogue TV channels Discovery and National Geographic. Climate change on Earth is much faster than predicted.

Researchers found that the same animals live at both poles of the Earth. Tropical forests are absorbing more carbon dioxide. Swan – a bird in 2009. Whale Week: World Day of whales and Photo-fact ‘in the world of whales. ” —- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. —- The chemical method of producing biofuel U.S. researchers have developed the first single-stage synthesis of the precursor of biofuels unprocessed agricultural residues. The results of the work will lead to the development of a simple and effective way to produce biofuel. Biochemist Ron Rains (Ron Raines) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison received directly 5 gidroksimetilfurfural 5-hydroxymethyl-fufural (HMF) of raw corn straw. The resulting compound can be used as feedstock for the synthesis of many substances, including the potential as a biofuel dimetilfuran dimethylfuran (DMF). —- Off the coast of Ireland recorded spills of up to 300 tons of oil in 120 miles south of the Irish port of Cork in the Atlantic got about 300 tons of fuel oil. According to the Ministry of Transport Ireland, a fuel leak, presumably, could occur during refueling ships of the Navy of Russia, who are currently in the area. The representative of the Irish Ministry of Transport special noted that in this case we are not talking about the accident or collision of ships. —- Medvedev: Baykal should be clean and comfortable for the rest one of the world’s largest freshwater lake – Baikal – must be clean and at the same time have a developed tourist infrastructure, said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with the governor of Irkutsk Region Igor Yesipovsky. —- Two solar and lunar eclipses occur four to During the International Astronomical Year – 2009 Rich in rare astronomical phenomena will be this year. At today’s press secretary main / Pulkovo / Astronomical Observatory RAS Sergey Smirnov by press conference at the regional center of ITAR-TASS news agency, until the end of this year there will be six eclipses – two solar and lunar four. Of the four lunar eclipses three – February 9, July 7 and August 5-6 – are the half-shadow, he said. In his said, ‘in Russia will observe the solar eclipse July 22 and the shadow lunar eclipse on December 31. In the southern regions of Siberia and the Far East can be observed partial solar eclipse on July 21-22 “, – noted Pulkovo astronomer. —- Tea bags is hazardous to health researchers from the Medical College at Washington University in St. Louis (USA) found that in packaged tea contains dangerously high quantities of fluoride.

Fuel Oil Price

Weak targets from America and Asia allow stock markets and crude oil prices sink LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Crude oil prices were now barely moves. Missing economic stimulus, fears of a U.S. recession as well as a continued over supply market situation led to caution investors. Heating oil consumers in Germany could look forward, however, for the first time since three days of falling prices.

The U.S. economy does not get out of the headlines. On the horizon of the world’s biggest consumer the first recession clouds slowly. One of the messages, which today startled investors: the Department of energy (DOE) lowered its forecast for daily oil demand. It is 48,000 barrels per day lower now 19,291 barrels.

This is more than during the crisis years 2009 and 2009, but still far below the required quantities previously, as the daily consumption was more than 20 million barrels. This was accompanied by growing stocks go. Analysts expect that the American Petroleum Institute (API) today a further inventory build-up to 1.3 million barrels reported for the past week. That would be the highest value since weekly records began in 1990. “” Even the hurricanes seem to spare the conveyor systems in the Gulf of Mexico, according to Earl”now Danielle”and Fiona”, so in any case, an assessment of the National Hurricane Center. This would encourage a further inventory build-up and thus cement over supply situation on the market. Due to this development, the crude oil prices showed today barely moves and lost in the afternoon easily compared to yesterday’s day finally. German heating oil consumer this brought the first price reductions to the end of the month for three days with. 100 litres in a total quantity of 3,000 litres heating oil EL paid for today the national average with 67,16 euro 19 cents to less than yesterday. In the monthly average August, crude oil cost 66,86 euro. For comparison: In August 2009, the same amount cost average 57,52 EUR. in 2008, there were exactly 87,00 euro. It reported the online portal of the fuel level magazine and petroleum review. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.