Anchors Career

During a process of self-knowledge for job search it is important to define those aspects that exert a special attraction, also everything that what highlighted by possessing innate qualities. It is important iguamente to identify professional career anchors. The career anchors theory was developed by Edgar Schein, psychologist and Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Schein identifies professional career anchors depending on a number of trends when it comes to choosing a professional orientation. It is in short a combination of values, talents, motivations and competencies. That is why the career anchor shapes our professional career, equally defining our personal image. We find the following types of anchor: anchor e.r.s: looking for jobs that allow the use and development of the skills and technical capabilities, giving importance to content.

Anchor management: looking for jobs that allow to develop management activities; where to be able to influence, control and manage. Is Displays an orientation for leadership positions, high level and management in organizations. Anchor of autonomy: seek jobs that allow decisions on how, when and how we do our job. Security anchor: seek jobs that contribute to safety and organizational stability. Anchor of creativity: seeking opportunities for the creation of our own company or business. They are entrepreneurs. Anchor service: search for jobs that are consistent with values such as helping others, collective problem-solving and solidarity. Competencia-reto anchor: seek jobs that pose a challenge, a challenge, presenting difficulties or large obstacles, involving a lot of competition.

Anchor of stability: search for jobs involving a stability and security geographic, remain in the same geographical area against other elements. Lifestyle anchor: seek jobs compatible with our way of life. In other words, with a series of personal needs. Now you decided What type of anchor is yours? Now you can continue in your process of self personal knowledge applied to job search. We are confident that you are going to arouse the interest of the companies of headhunters. Good luck!

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