Best Business Coaching Practices

Better a kilo of practice, that a ton of theory! Although we kilos and kilos of knowledge (strategic better) we can pack, label, and finally exposed. Keynotes of those self-styled gurus, books, courses, a huge showcase of knowledge (of room), low cost, except for its followers, targeted to the business of selling smoke. A kilo of action, working at street level, creating the side and illustrating the abstract theory in human and professional conduct consistent, transparent. Those who have to migrate ONLINE, we offer our ideas and professional approach, wherever we understand, we appreciate, and sharing knowledge we can develop an alternative. Eight 1200 human resource managers associated with AEDIPE, the association of personnel management more important in the field of human resources in our country, published in your newsletter “Inform people,” a story (made in Almeria) in section “Charitable causes.” What may be of interest to eight in 1200 human resource managers, most large companies, national and international: a thesis, an analysis (semi-scientific) of any intellectual luminary? What could be interesting in order to impart practical information? Intelligence who has selected a small news Almeria, knows that can be used for occupational change in a continuous growth towards the excellence of many partners of this important professional organization. A kilo of practice, in addition to providing improvements where made, is an example of how to get to work, in everyday circumstances we face that reality. From the hill where he is currently home to the neighborhood association “The Train”, I sent an email with information about the project that I coordinate, in collaboration with the wonderful team of this association. How much joy, know that good practice: “Service for socio-occupational integration and mediation work of immigrants, I am coordinating to have known eight thousand two hundred people management experts! The College of Economists of Almeria and the association of catering businesses have been able to assess. To those who wonder what to do to face the future in the coming years in our land, could be a reflection that perhaps we need more GOOD PRACTICE; at all, at all levels, and less theory canning.