Cabbage Properties

Cabbage firmly established on our table. In fact, her praising vain. And it is absolutely wrong people eat it in such huge quantities … It is true that once saved the cabbage sailors from scurvy. However, note that was cabbage, which is really concentrated vitamin C. In other respects, especially in the curative properties of cabbage glory much exaggerated, and in some cases do not correspond to reality. Speaking of vitamin C.

If the sailors in that distant time knew about it, they would instead set barrels of sauerkraut would take a bag is just a dried rose hips. Because it has 1,100 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams. product (fresh dogrose – 650 mg), and cabbage sauerkraut – 60 mg (wet – 45 mg). See the difference? Old mother of one of my friend all the time tied to the head of a cabbage leaf, because it is considered the surest cure for a headache. So what? Whole life was an old woman with a cabbage, and whole life she had a headache. They say that raw cabbage juice cures stomach ulcers.

Competent gastroenterologists from this statement just in front of zvereyut. All the other way around – the juice irritate the stomach, causing heartburn. The main distinguishing feature of cabbage – an abundance of crude dietary fibers, which improve intestinal function. This property cabbage build their self-styled diet nutritionists. But for some reason forget to add, but rather, because of their ignorance simply do not know what a cabbage there are many sulfur. A combination of fiber from the gray – a real disaster for the stomach and intestines. Especially if these bodies are already quite a few years. Therefore, elderly people from the cabbage should be abandoned, or cut it into his diet to a minimum. Better yet, it is boiled or stewed, while crude fiber in cabbage and loosened not cause the severe diarrhea and bloating after a crude product. In general, the cabbage can be used only for healthy people who dream to lose weight, because it 28 kcal per 100 grams. But here I can throw a fly: the fresh cucumbers and even fewer calories – only 12 pieces. And they are much more useful. Hikmet Ersek wanted to know more. And yet – the share of consumption among all vegetables cabbage in Russia is 25%. Where exactly is addiction? Explained everything very simply. Cabbage – one of the few vegetables, which has long been kept as fresh and in fermented form. So sing the praises of her … out of habit. Tatiana Ressin specifically for Source: