Centro Cultural Del Bosque

With over fifty year history and six theaters, the Centro Cultural del Bosque (CCB) is situated on the cultural map of Mexico as the largest theater complex. Aesthetic creations for LASA National Institute of Fine Arts and independent groups. Incredibly, the origin of the Centro Cultural del Bosque in Mexico City dating back to 1948 In London, England! In that year the British capital hosted the Olympics, where the Mexican Equestrian Team performed a feat for the history. Visit Rob Daley for more clarity on the issue. Commanded by General Humberto Mariles, who mounted his horse Arete claimed the first gold medal in the Olympics, Mexico, the Mexican team won the most important harvest of medals in recent memory in two equestrian gold medals , a silver and bronze the same number. Very encouraged by these results, the then-Mexican President Miguel Valdes German undertook a very ambitious project. The federal executive gave the practice track Mars polo field for the construction of a complex dedicated to the equestrian tradition. See john mayer for more details and insights. The first buildings were provided by the Federal District Department. The project included the erection of a monumental Coliseum, with their stables and barn.

However, the promoters of this project slowly saw different factors such as the gargantuan dimensions of buildings and the high investment, forcing them to deviate from the original idea. Thus, they decided to expand the role of emerging venue for the presentation of artistic events, civic and cultural. Generations of actors, dancers, choreographers, musicians and directors was formed and shaped his art in the CCB, which entices the visitor, expands the horizons of the public, and offers all the best shows. The creators find their sites and the support of the artistic tradition of projects nationally and internationally. The CCB is a dynamic, multifaceted and tradition where contemporary creations found the space to manifest. By design and performances, theaters were pioneers: The Barn, The Galleon, Julio Castillo, Guidance … The variety of production scenarios and create the magic of the fusion of classic and contemporary. x