Companies In The Present, Its Role, Operation And Management Success

General business dynamics manifested in the Earth through all the countries that integrate with their different languages, races, development, needs, and interests, has led to business sectors are increasingly organize, restructure their structures administrative, is the way to a new functional enterprise architecture, ensuring participation, achievements, and of course, have a proactive management leadership, visionary, able to integrate, make way for work teams prepare for the major challenges and opportunities. We have already observed, the behavior in the XXI Century companies have expressed, as were prepared to compete, participate in different economic scenarios. We noticed that the XXI Century holds an era dominated by the global information development, re-engineering services and knowledge, all part of new strategic resources used by companies to participate in current business scenarios. Communications and technological advances allow interaction between peoples, countries of different civilizations is increasingly vast. Characteristics of the companies in this no doubt that the structure of the new companies is changing from a hierarchy of multiple levels, businesses of flat or relatively autonomous networks.

The concept of organization is expanding to include both suppliers and consumers. The focus of attention is shifting from capital to human resources and information. The modern management requires a different vision, knowledge of current management on all those topics that will guarantee results, participation of enterprises, especially proactive, strategies, plans, allowing you to meet the challenges, about the changes give way to the transformations are presented in terms of opportunities that often manifest result of actions of the government and globalization itself.