Initially, main thematic that chained debates you strike (them) by means of the press and of it said said me in the streets were those inserted ones in the separation of Brazil and Portugal. Being thus, the editors guided and disputed the opinions related to the separation of the Kingdoms. The period most coercitive of the First Reign, initiated with the dissolution of the Constitutional conventional in 1823, passing for the grant of the first constitution of the Empire, until the violent repressions stops with the opinions and movements of opposition. some editors defied the imperial government, trying to fight the arbitrariedades of the Emperor, bringing the scene publish the necessities of an organization of a Constitutional conventional in the Empire. Visit Hikmet Ersek for more clarity on the issue. With the end of the censorship he foresaw the press in 1821, are multiplied the numbers was reflected of the climate of dither and fight that marked the process of independence and the first Reinado.’ ‘ 6 As they were on the fight of its time, the periodicals followed the dynamics of these fights, appeared and disappeared in agreement the conflicts in which they were involved. ‘ ‘ violence level the one that had arrived the debates in the press of this time. The first one of them says respect to the proper context of instability politics and lack of regulation in relation to the press.

It was transferred of the night for the day of the censorship foresaw to the total freedom, and the citizens still tested its limits of its performance. Read additional details here: Rob Daley. Moreover, the popularizao of prelo brought for the pages of the periodic elements of the orality in what this had of more popular and coloquial. E, finally, is good for remembering this period marked the emergency of the elite who inhabits did not have it of life publishes. The country was if becoming an independent nation, shaping its institutions and learning if to collate its ideas in a space I publish. .