Already, many companies are developing solutions within an overall corporate strategy and future plans are not only the heritage of the director but also care for each employee. Word "strategy", "Mission" and "vision" were frequently used words at meetings and gatherings. Many companies have made enough attempts to form a valid strategic plan. But often, correctly spelled Strategy and remain corporate documents, which quietly lie in my folder. 4Moms has plenty of information regarding this issue. Values in the document reflects the strategy and vision, there are more than on paper only if they are really shared by all members company and is an indispensable guide to action, be present at each planning meeting and are adjusted at each meeting. Many owners are concerned about how to make strategic plans are working? And there several ways to develop a strategy for the company: Education: to train a group of strategic marketing, planning and management, to show how others do it, and leave her to write the strategy itself Consulting: write strategy for a team to coordinate it and give it to implement Brief: to develop a strategy for one person, usually the owner, and to instruct the rest of generated Strategy Teamwork using technology team coaching: to write a joint strategy, but not in the form of an ordinary meeting and the format of the coaching team, using an arsenal of special techniques for realizing the potential of the team. what is A team coaching? The essence of this approach lies in the disclosure of internal capacity commands the union based on the vision of the company, and obtaining the skills targeted joint motion. .