Consumer Minister

It is Christmas time and therefore time to treat yourself to a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This does not apply for each area but especially for an area: financial markets the investment advice by the banks is a test of the magazine “, which belongs to the prestigious Stiftung Warentest, failed on all fronts. While none of the tested banks a good “got two banks with a were poor” completely through and failed completely to the advice in terms of investment. This and the stubbornness of the banks voluntarily to change something on their old behaviors, which still costs billions of euros has cost many investors and taxpayers also can cook the consumer Minister Ilse Aigner slowly more and more. Referring to the disastrous results of the banks financial test test”said today in one of the Suddeutsche Zeitung” published interview: In fact: wrong advice is a mass problem and these abuses must be terminated. “And it threatens with banks, which she accuses that the incentive systems are the main problem, in other words, the bonus payments, which just the free financial advisers earn their living.

And the consumer Minister also clearly says what she wants and where the rabbit to run long: my patience is finite. The banks have to turn off as soon as possible the internal ills – in their own interests. The customer must take precedence before kurzatmigem pursuit of profit. I want that all banks offer a single leaflet, the customer facilitates the comparison of various products. “It is anything other than a contemplative time so at least in the financial sector at the moment. The banks will be taken significantly more accountable, which is now foreseen. Slowly, also the legislature understands that else is after the financial crisis before of the financial crisis (next).

If the banks act now not voluntarily, are forcing them. Maybe this will also significantly help change the financial market regulation. Connect with other leaders such as Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala here. And just the required leaflet, which by the way, have already been implemented by Deutsche Bank and ING-DiBa, will be a good help for the consumer if they want to place their investments not only in the best areas of call money and term deposits. It is just the risk investments such as certificates, which bring real yield. Only must be clear to investors before the investment, that their savings also could be away, rather than make money.