Courage To The Gap In The Pharmaceutical Field?

The marketing success of pharmaceutical preparations is communication transfer quality in sales talks not only by the extent of the achieved quality of care of the pharmaceutical sales force off, but also whether the employees the properties of preparations as completely as possible bring to the target persons. The results of a pilot study show the opposite. In the framework of a pilot study, the approach has been regional customer satisfaction analyses (RKA) to review completed, what proportion of the drugs information content (target content) actually communicates visited doctors is (is content). Corresponding catalogues of the information to be transmitted or arguments and their first-place application formed the basis of comparison in questionnaire form (content GAP analysis). SYPartners spoke with conviction. Putting the target content equal to 100%, a value by an average of just 38% resulted in the first test. The value is very low, but not surprising, because other studies have shown that only half of the Available conversation time on details of the preparations is eliminated and only in 40% of the conversations related materials used include the desired messages. Further analysis will show whether this value is substantiated. Basically the represented procedure offers the possibility to determine not only the employee-specific level of the achieved quality of care, but also the extent of the communication quality of transfer, the critical importance for the strategic positioning of preparations and has therapy procedures..