Cuban Cigars – A Special Treat

Cuban cigars are still the most sought after cigars connoisseurs and newcomers. Learn why this is so. Cigars are manufactured today in many parts of the world in different ways. Although many meet the upscale and special demands of cigar smokers, cigars are considered Cuban cigars, which are among the connoisseurs for the absolute delight. South America is generally considered the area originated by the tobacco and Cuba occupies a very special position here. The growing or processing of tobacco to Cuba cigars here has a centuries-long tradition.

That’s why are Cuban cigars worldwide as a top-quality products, which can be surpassed by no cigar from other parts of the world. Even if, for example, in North and Central America or in Europe, Southwest Asia, as well as the People’s Republic of China large growing areas are located, the produced varieties can approaching rarely cigars Cuba. Cigars from Cuba have E.g. a quality that is much higher than in most other varieties, sourced from Asia. Cuban cigars – higher quality through traditional cultivation to produce excellent Cuban cigars must be like all products, which come from nature, meets specific criteria.

Only if all the factors right, excellent, Cuban cigars are of a tobacco. One of these factors is the tobacco as raw material for the manufacture of Cuba cigars themselves. Of the Cuban cigars used tobacco under ideal climatic conditions on huge tobacco plantations in different regions of Cuba’s growing. The leaves, which ultimately roll up the workers cigars to the coveted Cuba, are harvested according to their degree of maturity. To extract the moisture the leaves, these are hung on cords and dried through different methods. The air, the Sun, or the fire is used. Now, a few weeks in the country must go before finally Cuban cigars can be rolled from the dry leaves. Cuban cigar quality by hand Not all steps in the cigar manufacturing can be carried out mechanically. However, today some cigar varieties under at least partial use of machines are manufactured. Top quality Cuban cigars that however not eligible for. Most varieties, which reach the connoisseurs and lovers under the name of Cuba cigars, produced by hand and by experienced cigar rollers. The manufacturer put this long on the experience of the workers, who perfectly understand their craft. Cuban cigars are not only very good tobacco leaves, ideally prepared on the manufacture of cigars, but also by the fascinating dexterity of workers rolling cigars in around two minutes of the coveted Cuba. You can purchase Cuban cigars in the online shop of easy and convenient.