Entertainment At Sea

“All the world is a stage,” the saying goes! And on your cruise – the ship is the setting for a world of colorful entertainment and night-time enjoyment! And best of all, no cover charge, no tickets to buy or reserve, no waiting in line. Dazzling musical revues salute the best of Hollywood, and Broadway, with advanced lighting and sound systems and spectacular special effects. Your entertainment aboard spotlights a variety of marquee artists, musicians and singers, comedians and magicians. Cruise lines recruit professional performers from some of the best-known stages on land. Rob Daley may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The actors vary from ship to ship and line by line however, do not be surprised if Bill Cosby, or Bowser from Sha Na Na or jazz greats Manhattan Transfer are on your boat. The sample will be no easy opponent who could see on earth.

Unless in-your board a ship not have to remember your tickets or struggle to find a parking space. Not only will you enjoy Broadway-style reviews, musicals, stand-up comics, movies and special events, and guest talent shows, many cruise lines, including the issue of Norway and Holland America offer “cruises famous Budd Friedman Improv the sea to a Bavarian style “Oktoberfest” where, in addition to tastings of beer a day, reception staff Bavarian Oktoberfest Garden and a dinner of authentic Bavarian / German. Recently Izzy sought to clarify these questions.