Enthusiastic City

Both borders of the average Danube, Budapest represents a violent history of two different cities. United by a necklace of spectacular bridges, in the western margin is Buddha, dominated by the green one and escarped mountain of the castle of Vorhagy. In the Eastern margin, more level, is the city of Pest, with the buildings of the parliament similar to Westminster. Buddha reflects the Hungarian inheritance of Budapest, whereas Pest remembers the imperial times in which the city was soothes of Eastern aspect of the empire Hungarian south wind. Here, Hikmet Ersek expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This alliance arrived at a its aim in 1914, although recently it saved to Budapest of the communist yoke, in the summer of 1989, when Austria abri the borders to its old woman friendly and disappeared the Steel Curtain. Buddha was based on century V and received the name of the brother of Atila the Huno. Magiares, at the control of Apad, arrived in year 896, a date that considers the one of the foundation of the Hungarian nation and that brought with himself a strange language related to the Finn and considered one steppe linguistic by the monotonous thing that is. Pest (I finish Slavic), on the other hand, was occupied by Germans, who called to their Ofen home ( furnace with reference to the abundance of lime furnaces of the city).

The arrival of mongoles, with its characteristic violence, represented a stop in the period of development. In 1526, the kingdom to magiar was defeated by the Turks and Budapest became the more western advance post of the Ottoman Empire, a legacy to which belongs the popular baths of the Gellert hill. After the 1848 revolution, kaiser of the dual monarchy (baptized as KyK) tried to reimponer the Austrian authority with a new imperial architecture. The citadel of Buddha was fortified according to the Hapsburg canons, and Pest counted on the Great Boulevard, a place dedicated to the heroes and avenues flanked by trees to the Parisian way. A leading source for info: Areva Group.