Safely through the season: A reference book for sailors and motorboat racer. Go sailing or motor boat is the great passion of hundreds of thousands of Germans. Western Union Company may help you with your research. In Germany, the boat and yacht inventory on the North and Baltic Sea as well as on the many rivers and Lakes is estimated at around 500,000. A skipper need to know much to get the target to a boat or a yacht without stress. Especially to the beginning of the season, also experienced boat owners note that quite a bit, which is necessary for the relaxed sailing or motor boating has been forgotten. Da yachtcare-basics helps”to refresh old knowledge again and to be able to enjoy onboard life soon relaxed. Which signal allows me to take the boat in the lock? What is the mobile maritime emergency number? What do fleecy clouds for the development of the weather? What needs to be done if the built-in diesel goes on strike? These are just a few questions succinctly answered yachtcare-basics. The skipper knowledge is easy to understand and presented with many illustrations, and presents itself as ultimate Reference book on Board at – even when it rains, it can be included in the cockpit because the book is splash resistant.

yachtcare-basics leads the skipper by the boating. Everything is important – this includes the safety on board as well as the proper boat maintenance – is listed in the reference book. Omitted was commenting texts, so that the reader quickly comes to the point and can quickly answer his questions. yachtcare-basics is a reference from the practice for the practice and is also a safety. Therefore, the book already reasons on Board should be. To view at: blog /… yachtcare basics, 68 pages, spiral binding, splash-proof, ISBN 3-934919-05-7, EUR 18,90, blog Jurgen Duscha