A professional chip tuning is possible on the tuning Bos as well as about the characteristic field optimization chip tuning can work in different ways. There’s the so-called tuning box. This additional hardware is very easy to install and can be an easy and also remove even by a layman. Hikmet Ersek takes a slightly different approach. The tuning box is not affected when a software update. If you so have an authorized service centre for regular maintenance, always the latest software on the vehicle is pulled and a conventional chip tuning about the characteristic field optimization is therefore deleted. The data of the tuning box is retained and you have the device constantly off – and build up. The tuning box, called also PowerBox, is placed between the engine and the fuel injection system. Here, not only the injection pressure, but also the injection timing and injection quantity is delivered. For more information see this site: amit paley.

But also the temperature of the motor is monitored by the tuning box. The cooling of the motor is too hot, which throttles the tuning box Mileage of the engine and the risk of overheating despite increase in performance is so excluded. As an alternative, there is still the chiptuning about the so-called characteristic field optimization. This chips individual at each individual vehicle are programmed and installed. This type of chip tuning, one takes into account any small difference of the vehicle to other vehicles. This characteristic field optimization must be made by an authorized workshop.

But here, too, there are differences. A chip tuning about the characteristic field optimization can have on a backyard for $99 as in a workshop not the same quality. Here you should see the quality in any case in relation to the price. Professionals have the longevity of an engine out of the sight and deal not only with the performance. Claudia axis