Provide Professionally – Life Assurance With Asset Management In ETF BBs

Withholding tax-optimised life insurance from Liechtenstein German asset management and custodian bank as one time payment of 25,000 euro. Check out James Woolsey Jr. for additional information. The major changes of this time cause more investors investment concepts to search, which benefit from the opportunities of a positive market environment, catch but also the risks in turbulent times. Therefore increasingly active, assets managed approaches for personal protection are used. Recently put this increasingly on ETF (Exchange traded funds) BBs. The new ETF strategy policy carries this trend, exclusively developed and distributed by the PMS AG from Liechtenstein, Bill. For the first time, it allows a unit-linked life assurance based single repository which is managed exclusively with ETF Fund concepts. ETF investment funds replicate an index and are continuously traded like shares on the stock exchange.

Unlike the purchase of ordinary fund products no front-end fee accrues for ETF BBs, also the management fee is lower by up to 90%. Through the use of ETF Fund concepts in the context of a Liechtenstein life insurance the 25,000 euros a time payment possibility now base with a life insurance policy to combine the advantages of a professional asset management on ETF,”explain the Managing Director of PMS AG, Claus Muller and Johannes Schlattinger. Goal is to be able to offer our customers an optimum product of quality as a building block for your personal interest. Therefore, we cooperate exclusively with renowned partners. And this is very attractive and transparent costs that enable the customers to achieve an added value,”adds Claus Muller.

The insurance customer can here choose from three ETF-based fund with assets maintain character and put together the policy depending on personal risk profile withholding tax – and combine. Fund as asset-managing basic investment with up to 100% equity share (currently 45%), as well as the two available options of BV global balance Exchange strategy Fund of DWS, which are managed by means of a quantitative, mathematical approach. Invested % (defensive”) is mainly equity exposure in money market, as well as European government bonds with up to 30% (balance”), or 0. Asset control in the form of a Liechtenstein life insurance as private insuring means – not only because of the tax benefits, as well as the individual design of the estate planning and wealth transfer particularly proved itself. Also due to the now established legal certainty by the German tax legislation, these intelligent insurance solutions of again very popular enjoy. Incidentally, the investment must not leave the homeland. So, Bank Austria as cost-effective custodian available stands among other things in Germany the DAB. PMS AG