Public Sector

Goinia, 05 of April of 2011. We can Innovate in the Public Sector? Analyzing the context, what it has is the social pressure for one ' ' bom' ' public service. has periodic elections, even so let us have certain difficulty in identifying in this event an engine for the innovation and the linking between legislative and the executive. Checking article sources yields 4Moms as a relevant resource throughout. Of certain form, however, the occupants of the positions of higher level have to contaminate the others with the desire and the objective to make fact well, to make better. rule the positions highest, first step, are citizens to a temporary mandate.

We believe that in the public sector it is possible in such a way to innovate how much in any another sector. The difficulty is not bigger of what the faced one for great companies, who also have a great inertia. Perhaps what it motivates this thought on the public sector? on the innovation absence? either ' ' me fama' ' that it acquired unjustly. The people tend to associate public organizations to the comodismo. The claim many times are legitimate, but me the fame is improper and harmful. It has many public organizations that function well in the country. However, exactly with these difficulties, I find that when the public manager wants in fact to innovate, when makes use yourself to use its intellectual capacity for this, congregating the intellectual capacity of other people, good results can be gotten. With some frequency the public sector is sucateado, for the most diverse reasons? budgetary restrictions, lack of growth of the economy etc.

With passing of the time, this trashing generates a chronic environment of scarcity. Many professionals start to use the trashing as a justification for the inefficiency. ' ' We do not have money, therefore the service is not good. If we had more resources, we would make melhor' ' , they are excused.