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Fraunhofer Research Institute

New training seminar of the Fraunhofer Academy combines theory and practice next dates: 12th/13th September and 18 September 2013 17/18 October and 30 October 01. November 2013 registration: now possible to: de/energie_nachhaltigkeit/seminar_elektromobilitaet.html the transition from the internal combustion engine to electric mobility requires not only the development of an appropriate infrastructure, high-performance battery systems or new vehicle concepts. In particular also the qualification of personnel is necessary for a sustainable establishment of this technology. The Fraunhofer Institute for manufacturing technology and applied materials research IFAM, and TuV Rheinland Academy to respond to this request and provide the joint training seminar for the first time since August 2013 under the umbrella of the Fraunhofer Academy specialist for electric mobility “on. The five-day seminar includes both the teaching of theory and practical exercises, which take place in the new Learning Lab on the site of the Fraunhofer IFAM. After successful participants receive completed auditing the PersCert certificate specialist for electric mobility. The next seminar takes place from October 17. To know more about this subject visit Kellyanne Conway.

More information and registration on de/energie_nachhaltigkeit/seminar_elektromobilitaet.html after an initiative of the Federal Government should continue until 2020 a million electric cars on German roads and so become the leading market for Electromobility of Germany. Highly trained professionals and specialists are required to achieve this goal. The new seminar”specialist for electric mobility of Fraunhofer IFAM and TuV Rheinland Academy taught in five modules an overview of the key areas of electric mobility, such as energy and storage technology, drive technology, vehicle concepts, standards and security.Latest research results and current knowledge from the practice are taught the participants and participants. So the companies also benefit directly from two renowned expertise Facilities, explains Dr. Roman gods, Managing Director of Fraunhofer Academy. The first section of the course (module A and B) is theoretically and is on the site of the TuV Rheinland carried Academy in Munich.

The theoretical knowledge can then be intensified in the second section of the course on the basis of practical exercises in the Learning Lab of the Fraunhofer IFAM in Bremen (modules C to E). Participants receive upon completion of the seminar and successfully passing the exam the PersCert TuV certificate specialist for electric mobility “and are permitted according to BGI/GUV-I 8686 to to work independently on HV intrinsically safe vehicles. The training seminar specialist for electric mobility energy and sustainability is part of the training offer of the Fraunhofer Academy on the subject (www.academy.fraunhofer.de/ de / energie_nachhaltigkeit.html). It is aimed at people with technical and business training from the industry, production and development as well as experts and reviewers. A registration is immediately possible. Fraunhofer Academy as a contribution to a new culture of innovation provides the Fraunhofer Academy in cooperation with renowned partner universities excellent training specialists and managers. The basis is the Fraunhofer Research Institute. The tight integration between research, industrial application and in-service training is the special feature of the Fraunhofer Academy. The training includes the in-service courses, certificate programs and seminar series. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft for more information at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft operates more than 80 research institutions, of which 60 institutions in Germany. More than 20,000 employees and staff, predominantly with natural or engineering and scientific education, edit the annual research budget of 1.8 billion euros.

Photovoltaic – Sun Refuel Tired

Education for professionals in booming industry the current debate about climate change has shown that a much faster expansion of the use of renewable energies is urgently needed. Solar energy has the greatest potential. It is therefore only logical that the policy of many countries currently intensively pushing the market introduction. In addition to the existing markets in Germany or Japan evolve more and more new markets in southern Europe. Keep the high growth rates in the next few years, what many experts very likely keep more significant cost reductions of photovoltaics are expected.

Thus, the photovoltaic will become one of the main pillars of a sustainable energy economy. Due to the large growth rates a shortage is noticeable in the industry increasingly. The use of photovoltaics was so far not to the classic content of vocational training still higher education. With the growing solar expertise are but increasingly in various professional fields required. Therefore, Haus der Technik in Berlin this area offers currently following seminars: photovoltaic systems 1 – how it works – application areas – market at the netrelease in Berlin, photovoltaic systems 2 – application – planning – simulation on the September, photovoltaics for theory of non-techies – functioning, manufacturing, construction, planning, efficiency at the 23.09.09, radiation data for solar systems -, measurement, data sources, calculations, evaluatione etc.

Exchange Industry

The provider of rental work clothing and textile leasing, Udor textile management, provides industrial customers as well as the care sector and the hotel industry with work clothes for rent Landshut, the 20.07.2011: in addition to the advantage of cost minimization leads also the variable needs adaptation to that more and more companies rely on a textile recording, to equip their employees with work clothes or protective clothing. The large laundry Udor textile management specializes in the area of corporate fashion on the extensive facilities in the industrial and craft sector and hospitality industry, catering and healthcare. The provider of textile leasing provides high quality workwear and prepares them properly. The large laundry customers benefit in many ways: in addition to the cost savings they always have the current models and a consistent look and feel. Equipped with high-quality, hygienic working clothes give their staff expertise and promote the image of the company.

At the Provision of working clothes enters Udor textile management to the needs of that industry. In industry and craft, the topic of occupational safety and health plays an important role. Given the frequently changing regulations, industrial enterprises and craft businesses with leased Workwear remain flexible. All models rented by Udor comply with current health and safety regulations. The company for textile full supply provides a wide range of industrial textile needs its industrial customers. Work clothes, protective clothing, flat linen hygiene and protection items. For an individual and consistent corporate identity, Udor provides overalls of employees upon request with name logo and company logo.

Especially in the artisanal sector, the processing of corporate fashion due to often heavy pollution requires special know-how. In addition to the maintenance of working clothes, Urzinger customers benefit from additional services, such as repairing small damage or the Sewing buttons lost in all types of protective clothing. In the field of food industry, the flawless performance of sensitive HACCP hygiene requirements is crucial. “The policy of hazard analysis and critical control points” regulates the art of hygienic processing as well as the type of clothing to wear is in the food processing industry. Of course, the Workwear rented with us meets all legal requirements. We finished corporate fashion, such as by the HACCP directive intended, according to DIN 10524 “so Managing Director Claudia Urzinger-Woon. In the sale of food, as well as in the hotel and catering industry a neat and clean appearance is crucial. Udor textile management provides professional clothing for all areas of the hotel its customers in the hospitality industry. This begins with the textile supply of kitchen staff with chef jackets, Chef pants, Chef hats, aprons and before binder. Employees in the service personnel are with suits, costumes, shirts, Fitted blouses, vests and polo shirts. Especially at the reception, a well-groomed look exudes sympathy and kindness and strengthens as the competence of the House. That the uniforms of the staff in care and practitioners must be hygienic, know the Landshut provider of textile rental. Udor textile management guarantees its customers in addition to disinfection and maintenance of clothes also the personal well-being through comfort. Udor uses a supply circuit, where the large laundry properly supports its customers by analyzing regular needs adjusting in the textile supply. The company is responsible for selecting the appropriate textiles from the range, the customization of the look and feel of the company, developing a tailor-made logistics concept and the timely collection, care, control, Exchange and repair, delivery and distribution of Workwear.