Computer Language

Later, when it was revealed that in addition to the binary, computer language for communication, there are many other ways to interact nerve cells, the idea of existence in the brain of non-performing neurons safely abandoned and seemingly forgotten. Nevertheless, beyond the scientific community, this myth is still going on well exist and even flourish, as more and more it has to hear from seemingly educated and enlightened people. However, the persistence of this myth is determined, apparently, is also a superficial resemblance to such a fundamental property brain of humans and animals, as plasticity and learning ability. In principle, if one can speak of hidden reserves of the brain, it is in terms of learning capacity and restructuring their own activities, and modern science has long been convincingly demonstrated that the ability to study the human brain retains a great age. And the absolute law of this property is a brain rule – what does not trains – it atrophies. Numerous scientific data from recent years have proved with absolute certainty that the cognitive (or thought-) activity prolongs the life of the brain, especially the elderly, reduces the likelihood and timing of a number of geriatric diseases such as senile dementia, 's disease, etc.

Today, the demand for training cognitive properties of the brain (memory, attention, intelligence) increases in exponentially, while in the West only recently vozklo huge number of companies and campaigns that these services offer. But at the end of the last century in psychophysiology appeared completely new direction – biofeedback (BFB), a technique that enables "direct" direct train certain areas and structures of the brain, restoring and normalizing their functional status, and therefore those functions that these structures provide. For example, already existing BOS-methods allow us to effectively train and restore the function of attention and so-called memory in adhd (attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity). We can confidently say that today based biofeedback method originates entirely new area of fitness – brain fitness, ie fitness brain structures and brain functions. It's still a very young branch of brain science, but now she has very bright prospects. Thus, both theoretical and applied psychophysiology is obviously shown that by using biofeedback method can specifically affect any rhythm electroencephalogram of the human brain, and thus learn faster, easier and safer to enter a special, altered state of consciousness – or the hypnotic trance, meditation and relaxation, the state expanded consciousness, etc. Optimizing the fitness of the brain, indicating the production of voluntary control rhythms of electrical activity of the brain, can also cope without the use of psychotropic drugs with such diverse disorders of the psyche and behavior, such as hyperactivity, children, depression, pathological anxiety, phobic disorders, panic attacks, and many others.