Ademir Telephone

My uncle, after one season in the capital of the miners, came back to the paternal house. Passed times and misfortunes, it if used in the Countable Organization Pear tree Grandson, where I already exerted the guard function books. The telephone did not exist in the houses and all had that to make line in the telephonic rank. Finally the DDD arrived at the city, costing a richness, restricted to the commerce and some residences. In the first days of the telephone installed in the office we receive some trots and we pass others.

The titio left the office saying that it would go to collect forma bills of sale of some firms. Passed a time it was in return and was sighted by the Ademir, my brother. At this moment I was passing a cloth with alcohol in the telephonic device, that I myself had made dirty with my full carbon hands. Ademir spoke quickly: We go to pass a trot in the uncle. It speaks that it is a linking for it, of part of a beautiful young woman who inhabited in the capital of the people from de state of espirito santo.

I left the telephone it are of the hook and I cried out: Uncle runs, is telephone of the Genoveva for you. The man came snorting, it left the bicycle to fall in the sidewalk, caught the phone and it was speaking: al, al, al The trick would be only this, but the interest of my uncle in speaking with Genoveva was so great that it believed that the linking had fallen. It leaves using to advantage it, I decided to draw out the trot and I asked for excuse for having, without wanting, last the cloth in the black bolt that serves as interrupting of the linkings. It pulls! Without wanting wanting I disconnect the telephone.