American Footballer

In the final of the Verbandsliga East against the American Footballer of the favorite team of the Spandau Bulldogs won the Royal from Potsdam with unchallenged 24:06 Potsdam, September 22, 2008 on yesterday’s Sunday, the 21.09.08, the final of the Championship in the Verbandsliga OST and the associated rise in the Premier League on the program was for the American footballer (seniors) of Potsdam Royals. For more information see this site: Western Union Company. Suitably motivated and highly concentrated the Royal from Potsdam went to head coach Michael Vogt and assistant coach Stephan Mutz in the decisive game of the playoffs in Berlin-Spandau. By the same author: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. With a sovereign and never vulnerable 24:6-when the hosts of the Spandau Bulldogs ( traded during the season as the clear favorite of the Verbandsliga OST, the Potsdam Royals finally in the third year of its existence which secure the Championship could win. In the first quarter, the defence lines of both teams dominated the action, but the Royals could develop a better field position. From this good field position was also quarterback Nico Pfeiffer (#18) in the second quarter with a wide pass wide receiver Lutz Nichelmann (#81), which carried de ball into the opposing end zone and scored the first touchdown of the game. The extra point (PAT, point after touchdown) to a 7-0-intermediate level achieved Ulrich Anders’ (#13) for the Royals, who sent the leather egg with a precise kick through the goal posts.

Nico Pfeiffer (#18) increased the score just before the break with a short run after a previous great 85-yard drive to 14-0. Ulrich Anders (#13), in turn, transformed the extra point. With this score, it was then also in the 20-minute halftime, giving the players of both teams short break and the coaches were a last opportunity to adapt the tactics. After the break, gave the Royals their opponents in the game and scored a field goal for a 17-0 by Ulrich Anders (#13).