Amiguitos Imagined 2010

Amiguitos shows that no Spanish children School of Amiguitos – Spanish for children took part 2010 on June 12 in the learning Festival in the monastery of Benediktbeuern. With many hands-on activities around the theme of football team Amiguitos was right instead of doing. “On Saturday, June 12 at 9: 00 kick-off was: the whole Meierhof Benediktbeuern monastery was transformed into a single playing field, where girls and boys in the action, fun and a programme under the theme Kinder.Jugend.Zukunft.” were allowed to experience. For more specific information, check out Anne Lauvergeon. While the parents next door about the benefits of multilingual education and Spanish courses informed, the younger visitors to the Amiguitos action stand at a football bingo could join with ping pong ball and straws equipped in a football tournament compete and make-up itself with the colors of their favorite football team. And it’s all in Spanish. Most the puff football tournament was fun”, says Kamal (8 j.) from Wolfratshausen.

Finally I did it, my To make”friend Paul (7 j. and passionate footballer) at least once flat. Catarina (9 j.) and Alessandra (11 j.), two sisters who grow up bilingual (german Spanish), most funniest were the bingo game. Then they wanted to rather than with the colors of their favorite teams hands and arms painted to have with animals. The learning Festival held all two years of the cooperative group learning region Tolzer land gGmbH and is the Germany’s largest Festival of learning.

The motto of this year’s Edition was experienced. Erlernt.Erinnert. “.” Montserrat Varela, Amiguitos head for Unterhaching, Munich South-East, Ottobrunn, says: it is the perfect setting for us and what we stand for Amiguitos. Because our children learn playfully and with all their senses. This deprives them of the pressure and allows a motivational, self discovery and sustainable learning. In a natural way, similar to how children learn their mother tongue.” Lorena Ramos, partner of Amiguitos in Geretsried, Wolfratshausen, bath Tolz and Munich-Grunwald – Solln adds: with the language learning you can not start soon enough.