Barbed Wire Concertina

Since the 1870s, barbed wire Concertina began actively patenting. Who really invented barbed wire, still not known. Since then, the only developed new types of spikes, a fundamentally new and barbed wire did nothing. Barbed wire was originally used to hold cattle in a pen. But the U.S. military is interested in this type of fencing, they began to use barbed wire in a defensive purposes.

Barbed wire used for protection from enemies and to restrain prisoners. Barbed wire often used in concentration camps, then it became to symbolize the tyranny and slavery. Barbed wire is very often used during the World Wars. Barbed wire prevented the German army to penetrate into many areas. But the barbed wire fence was good only for foot troops. Rob Daley contributes greatly to this topic. Soon, there were developed special machines that help easily cross the barbed wire. In addition, the barbed wire was a big drawback, it can be cut with a tool. On Today, barbed wire almost do not make.

It was replaced by a metal band that has forged spikes and sharp edges. Such barbed tape is called ‘Razor’. To produce the tape began in Germany. Fidget began to produce for the economy as the production of tape is much cheaper than the manufacture of barbed wire. Just fidget was much more effective barbed wire. Its made of steel alloy, which is very durable. Quite often, the barbed wire current is supplied, it is most often used to protect critical facilities: prisons, secret organizations, the danger zones. Barbed wire with electricity is actually the best means to protect the objects. Through it you can not climb or cut. Today, barbed wire is connected to low voltage, which is not fatal. Very often fidget or barbed wire under tension is used to deter offenders. The continued use of uneconomical electric current, so now use special sensors and accessories, which include current, when a barrage of suits someone ..