Chic Wallpaper

Name of the finishing material is derived from the merger of the two English words "flax" and "bark". Linkrust numbered one hundred and fifty-year history, and first saw the light in the sixties of the nineteenth century. He is a special wallpaper … Linkrust traditionally used for decoration of homes of the rich and noble people. In our country, this material is known is not enough, though its use will add chic to any room, and on quality of material it is often compared with ivory. Indeed, linkrust not only looks good but are durable and quality. It can be repeatedly repainted, and the finish quality is not change and does not deteriorate. In recent months, amit paley has been very successful. What is linkrust This wallpaper, made by applying a strip of paper or plastic fabric layer with special fillings.

As fillers used wood flour, rosin, cotton, cork. As you can see, all materials are environmentally friendly, do not cause allergies and other adverse reactions. The surface is suitable for the application of different texture patterns and designs. Linkrust is available as a conventional paper wall-paper in rolls of a length of 12 meters and a width of about half a meter. The truth is, and option wide rolls. Its application Linkrust easy in use, and requires special training and skill.

First of all, you need to carefully prepare the surface of walls, not only the ground, but also sanded and primed. Gluing is only possible on the prepared surface, otherwise, instead of quality and a rich finish premises will receive a parody of the repairs. Sheets linkrusta pre-soaked in warm water for 10-15 minutes, then get them out of the water, remove excess moisture and leave the room for 10-12 hours. Tag on the wallpaper glue on starch-based with the addition of wood glue. Work carried out at a temperature of not less than 15 degrees. Drying linkrusta lasts at least a week, with the possible formation of small gaps due to shrinkage. All defects can be ground, and then proceed to staining the surface of the walls of any paint that came to your taste. At first glance, the process of gluing linkrusta may seem complicated and tedious, but the result is worth it. Do not forget that linkrust represents one of the most chic and expensive-looking finishing materials. It can be used in virtually any room of your home. But not only housing can become a place of linkrusta: it successfully used for decoration of restaurants, concert halls and boutiques. A feeling of luxury can be strengthened Use the stucco decoration, friezes and borders. Linkrust was a real boon for designers. If you still in doubt and do not know what finishing material to choose to repair your home, remember that linkrust can be compared with a lovely aristocrat against the backdrop of the village 'plain. Sure, it's up to you, but while deciding remember that there linkrust relatively new but very promising finishing material in our country. What here shy, our people have always sought not only to comfort but also for luxury …