Infincon Board

Infincon AG will bring financial experts Dr. Michael Puhle Karlsruhe, as a new Board member on board July 6, 2012 the Infincon AG has with Dr. Michael Puhle brought a designated financial experts as another Board member in the company. Dr. Michael Puhle since 2008 member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Infincon AG in Karlsruhe, supports now Dr.

Bjorn Hackenberg, Board Chairman of Infincon AG, in corporate governance. Dr. Michael Puhle assumes the management of departments of finance, customer service and sales support. In addition, he is responsible for the development of strategic product areas controlling/reporting and performance measurement and reporting. Dr.

Michael Puhle investment and financing has specialized during his business career in the Department. He obtained his doctorate on the subject of bond portfolio optimization”at the University of Passau. At the same time he can draw last controlling at Allianz Global investors on many years of practical experience in financial risk management at KPMG, and before that in the risk. We look forward, Dr. Michael Puhle to welcome to our team. Dr. Puhle knows very well the Infincon AG by his previous work as Advisory Board and can promote the business development with its scientific expertise and its financial expertise. With his experience in particular in the areas of performance measurement and risk management he enriched the competence of our team significantly”, said the Chairman of the Board of management Dr. Bjorn Hackenberg. Infincon AG: The Infincon AG was founded in 2007 as the owner-managed company and has focused with a young team of software developers, and experts in the areas of financial advice, analysis and-mathematik on high-end solutions for asset management and advisory services for private clients.