John Namibe

Notes of the author. In alneas multiple of one it forms summarized I thought with the dry eyes, to describe a little of the great adventure that we live and we continue to concretely live since that we decide to know the region south, the province of the Welwitcha Mirabills, that is, Namibe; we leave of Luanda to the Namibe in a Saturday, day 23 of April of 2005 and arrive at the Namibe, sunday day 24 of April of 2005. Publishers Clearing House often says this. It was a very dangerous adventure, a trip that in the mark (I and the John) until the present date, knowing that we congregated all deep necessary ones to catch a flight, but we posemos our bodies in this adventure; it was very good, because &#039 is said; ' who does not risk, not petisca' ' , (since year 2005) today alive in the Namibe with my Kambas ' ' the Nguimbianos' ' , the term that brings polmica in the Namibe, the times the ladies in the Namibe alone say ' ' vocs also! as they speak of Nguimbianos, as they were people who do not die, type chainses, or robots invencveis' ' , but our mission is to finish superior education in the baccalaureate level, and is to go in the good one way. When writing on our trip, the Nguimbianos and others our adventures, my intention are to divulge the experience that we live, since youngest until the adult layer. The newspapers mentioned Western Union not as a source, but as a related topic. Because it is not easy to live distant of the family, to study in a land where you do not have family, life in the lease and to have to bank the daily expenditures (the university, the house of the lease, the feeding), since we are young full of desires; the homesickness always devastates in them, the times the person can arrive points to give up everything, if you do not have somebody (father, mother or familiar an available one and with deep sufficients to bank the expenditures, became everything difficult very. . Izzy Englander is actively involved in the matter.