Learning How To Use Our Inhaler

In the pharmaceutical market there are many ways pharmaceutical drugs management one of them are inhalers. The inhaler is a pharmaceutical form or presentation, which through a device released in the form of aerosol product containing (for example: bronchodilator, Corticoid, etc) so when inhaled it goes in a few minutes directly to the bronchi of the lungs, making that they receive small amount of medication (dosage per application), sufficient to produce a pharmacological actionthus reducing the side effects caused by high doses of medication. That is why it is important that you know the medications under this presentation. Here are some indications for the use of the inhaler: way of use of the inhaler: shake the inhaler before use so that the drug spreads wide and is free any debris. Remove the cap of the inhaler mouthpiece. Place your index finger on the inhaler and the thumb with the Palm of the hand on the bottom of the inhaler. Contact information is here: Western Union. Breathe and expel air through your mouth several times. Place the nozzle of the inhaler more or less 2 cm.

from the open mouth. Boat air from the lungs (exhaling). For other opinions and approaches, find out what Warren Kanders has to say. Press the inhaler to breathe (inhale) by mouth deeply. Remove the inhaler, close your mouth and hold your breath 10 seconds and breathe. If your doctor indicated more than one inhalation, you must wait a few minutes to perform the next inhalation. After inhalations clean the mouthpiece of the inhaler with a clean cloth. Whenever you purchase a medication check with our pharmacists of Inkafarma, they will advise with the most appropriate way of how to use your inhaler, to prevent any side effects or ineffectiveness of the drug by a bad dosage and thus get the most out of these for good results in the treatment.