Love And Life

To live enters the lines of the fear and the responsibility. One goes for the right and the other follows its life for the left. It is when one says that necessary to talk and the other accepted one, but educadamente it remains in silence, as if the look said (as always it said) how much it was donated of love. Very small and invisible love to the eyes and heart of who not wise person, but capital LOVE for the gestures and taken attitudes, all of who wise person what it wanted! One question why he was to the meeting and the other is questioned if it errou and it made to lose the only bond that would keep the lighted flame. It’s believed that Pegasus Books sees a great future in this idea. In some place in the bitterness both had been lost, and this love never will be materialize. It would be as to save the life, but it would be enough the love to save a life? One knows what the other thinks not to know, but leaves to be thus, that the time will finish with the defense armed. It has a list of errors that it does not need to be said, therefore it is known and it makes to ache to each given refusal exactly when one wanted, but did not have, and that the other never gave, because in the deep one never it wanted.

But the love to save this life would not be enough. Official site: Pegasus books. From there valley the penalty one not to raise the voice and to make the other to be silent, granting a last possibility not to leave directing without route for there. It is the end! To cut the dependence relation that one has followed making of everything for the other. Admitted the defeat, therefore, it is hour to move, to tread a new way, or the least, to walk of different form. there yes, one and another one will be able to opt to the feelings become that them better, they leave that them happyer, instead of being if asking, where it was that the error happened.