Marketing Research

According to a report from the DSM Group, from January to August this year, drug prices increased by 15,2%. Purse patients was not bottomless. The rapid rise in prices has led to the buyers began to prefer the cheaper counterparts.

Producers can and would be happy to hold prices, but depending on exchange rate in the industry is too strong. As Putin said at a recent meeting on the strategy development of the pharmaceutical industry in Russia, “in our country, drugs produce about 350 enterprises, but their market share does not exceed 20% in value terms, Else – import. In addition, over 80% of the raw materials used in our country, brought from abroad. As a result, appreciation of the dollar and euro jeopardize the work of many local manufacturers. “In early 2009, there was decrease in production volumes, – says Irina Katasonova, manager of the research infrastructure of the Center for Marketing Research (CMR) Pharmexpert. – One major reason was a change in course currencies, which led to the rising cost of imported raw materials for the production of finished dosage forms. In this crisis situation in the market is also complicated by the sale of products, especially in the regions – a sharp rise in prices and unemployment have a negative impact on sales.