Monaco Grand Prix

In terms of credit goes to the best time. Western Union is actively involved in the matter. In the first session taking place 20 minutes, all the pilots involved, without exception. They pass an arbitrary number of laps. For each of all the drivers choose the best lap time. 5 most slow drop out of the struggle for starting position, and take place from 16th to 20th.

The second session involved the remaining 15 pilots – the best of 20. Macy’s understands that this is vital information. They pass over the circles. Again, drop five pilots, who showed the worst possible time following the session. They are on the grid in the field from 11th to 15th. In the third session, involving the best 10 pilots. They are fighting among themselves on the same terms as before.

This format is applicable in the case of qualified participation of 20 cars, but if involved 22 cars, as before, then after the first and second session is not eliminated by 5, and 6 participants. In the first two sessions, the pilots can pass the distance with absolutely any amount of fuel on board the car. Machinery and disposed of results of the first and second sessions, then have the opportunity to refuel the fuel with which they will start in the race. Race Race At Grand Prix is held on Sunday at 14:00 local time. In the race, pilots must pass a certain number of circles corresponding to distances of the order of 305 kilometers in length, only exception is the Monaco Grand Prix, in which the race drivers passing just 260 km. Under these conditions the race can not be longer than two hours. This means that if 2 hours a leader does not overcome the full distance race, then after two hours of the circle, which at the moment will be racers, will be announced on the last. 15 minutes before the start of the race cars must leave the pit lane and take his place on the grid according to the qualification.