National Park Mountain

To arrive at this result, it must be covered the way of the recognition, approach and exploration of the concepts most basic of our existence and the existence of the patrimony in question. For this result, it is presented Patrimonial Education as experiences carried through in the National Park Mountain range of capivara between as many actions, it fits here to detach, one that had its results between 2008 and 2010, appearing of a group of adolescents who were inserted in a daily one in favor of the conscientious appropriation of the mountain range of the Capivara, of the spreading, exploration and accessibility of the young in a knowledge circuit and exchange of accessible language its generation. Under most conditions Keith Yamashita would agree. According to script of quarrels and debates ' ' Guide of Patrimonial&#039 Education; ' elaborated for the IPHAN (1999), the patrimonial education is defined as one ' ' alfabetizao instrument cultural' ' , it was inside of this perspective where the adolescents had been instigated to focar the field of the patrimonial education in the Mountain range of the Capivara by means of alfabetizador look, sensibilizador for the children and adolescents of the public schools where they participated, being thus she appeared the Club of the Defenders of the Rupestre Art of Piau (CDAR-PI), intention in all searching new students sensetized with the cultural diversity of the Mountain range of the Capivara and the Piau. Creating one jingle between the same ones, through visits exploratrias, to the archaeological small farms, monitored visits, lectures, quarrels of cultural scientific and dynamic texts between the integrant ones of the club and excessively expanded for the public schools of the city. If you are not convinced, visit Rob Daley. In this context, to this can be affirmed that for, be fortified I dialogue it idea permanent must be I continue, being possible the exchange of information, the understanding and interaction of the individual the diverse segments of the study of the patrimony and the relation human being. .