Novel Amino Acid Product

Serum-A is a truly innovative nutritional supplement for athletes. Serum-A can be used as a cure or even permanently. Serum is a product of the “Kolner list”. This includes dietary supplements that were investigated for illegal doping constituents down. A serum is thus guaranteed doping free and can be taken from athletes who have to undergo doping controls, without hesitation. Why high-quality amino acids for all athletes are so important: amino acids are the building blocks of life, mood and performance.

Amino acids shall ensure that the body can make hormones, keeps the immune system in stand makes muscles and repair cells. A body gets enough amino acids which suffers unstable bone, weak muscles, lack of blood, a poor immune system, a fragile psyche, worse mood and lack of energy. A balanced budget of amino acid is especially important for strength and endurance athletes, because without an adequate supply of amino acids, the muscles can not work properly and muscle growth is practically excluded. Serum-A contains all the important amino acids in a unique, new formula. Special serum-A: Is the “bi peptide formula” serum-A concentrated protein as a food supplement. The protein in serum-A is already divided into amino acids and these are for the most part as bi peptides. BI peptides are the smallest form of amino acids. These peptides are absorbed by the body very quickly and effectively.

This is the crucial difference to conventional amino acid products. What is serum-A manufactured? Serum-A is manufactured from plasma protein. Plasma protein is used many years in medicine. It is the most effective for the people currently protein for growth and regeneration. Conventional milk or whey proteins are not comparable to plasma protein. They work somewhat differently and are also used for other goals. Convincing facts to serum-A serum-A are the first amino acids which are absorbed by the body, 99% and after 15 25 minutes for the anabolic and regenerative processes (muscle building) are available. Serum-A uses first amino acids product completely the anabolic window”(the most important protein recording time). Serum-A releases only 1% nitrogen Katabolite (reducing substances). Liver and kidneys are not claimed nearly. Serum-A increases insulin levels by around 35%. Thus, the body can transport more nutrients into the muscles. Serum is the fastest organic amino acids product available on the market. These special advantages of serum-A supplying protein for athletes give a whole new dimension.