Oil Binder

Oil Binder polypropylene convince by their high absorbency, low weight, and more and more industries place Binder made of melt-blown polypropylene the low disposal costs macro IDENT SORBE agents – (melt-blown polypropylene = MBPP) for the prevention and elimination of all types of fluids (such as water, chemicals, petroleum based liquids, etc.) at the workplace. From a product standpoint, the quality already speaks for itself. Workshops, factory equipment and other companies choose oil Binder made of polypropylene, because working on machines simplify the materials and thus the motivation of employees increases. You have a safe and clean workplace. Consider the calculation should be sure suction and disposal costs. This shows that towels made of melt-blown polypropylene can realize significant cost savings.

Up to 36.3%, plus the reduced amount of work. The synthetic sorbents and oil binders of macro IDENT SORBE agents are mainly made of polypropylene and have the ability to adsorb liquid on its surface, in contrast to more alkaline sorbents such as towels and clay, which absorb the liquids in itself. Cheap products are not very effective most in use, not properly absorb or disintegrate. The question arises whether it has actually saved money in effect here. The SPC sorption products by macro IDENT SORBE agents are constantly developed and improved.

Also, more and more new products are developed that meet the latest technology knowledge and the latest, most innovative research results. 100% polypropylene is a natural, any material, while materials of the Polyproypylenfasern glue or are attracted to. Polypropylene is a petroleum derivative, it absorbs any kind of oil or any oil-based liquid. Oil Binder polypropylene convince therefore through their high absorbency, low weight and low disposal costs. Polypropylene is also odorless and skin-friendly and therefore also in the food industry and pharmaceuticals used, because it is physiologically harmless. For industrial applications and other applications daily oil binders and other adsorbents used to clean more than only for end of petroleum based oil spills and leaks. Liquids and chemicals spills, oil spills in production and industrial facilities are also used for water-dilutable SPC sorption products throughout the world. More information: macro IDENT SORBE agents Bussard road 24 82008 Unterhaching contact: Angelika Wilke TEL. 089-61565828 FAX 089-61565825 WEB: eMail: kamukapa at