Pacific Powers

Do not be a great politician to understand that this organization from the very beginning was "stillborn" and other than talking about individual freedom in the countries walking in the footsteps of world powers, and it was not used. The very title of the summit laid incompatible with the reality of the concept. How can there be cooperation between rich and poor in the era of globalization, if wealth leading world powers, in their bulk, is determined not only by some extraordinary abilities of the peoples inhabiting them, but the exploitation of these countries for the world. Accordingly, the concept of security fully follows this principle. Simply put, you will feel relatively safe, if resignedly accept all the rules of the game and will be regularly "to pay tribute." It's hard not to agree with these obvious facts, the more paradoxical sounded so-called "unification initiative," the Russian president on Russia's role in the "new OSCE" (apparently assumed that the "old OSCE" itself is outdated and needs to be development), although it is difficult to argue that this is some kind of background and the possibility of eliminating laid at the base and fatal in fact, contradictions. Well, hit the scale proposed by the President of Kazakhstan on "…

transition to a new level of security and cooperation in the broader coordinates from ocean to ocean. It is about shaping a common security space within the four oceans: the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Northern-Arctic to the Indian. " What is it – the new UN, at which leading world powers have not paying close attention, attending to her formally and for the sake of pursuing and achieving their economic and political interests, or something even more ambitious and grandiose and, most importantly, usable.