Power From The Desert

Solar project with German participation water, wind and Sun are the energy sources of the future. While the supply of fossil fuels to end, experts are committed globally for renewable energy. The consumer portal reportedly, well-known companies are planning a big solar power plant in the Sahara desert. Where should a solar power plant to work more efficiently than in the desert? Year-round sunshine and plenty of room for the reflectors should be the dream already reality in the year 2015: electricity from the desert. The mainly from Germany, promoters promise that 15 percent of the German current need in the Sahara can be produced. The solar power plant under the name Desertec is planned”.

A Foundation, whose members include leading German companies such as E.on, RWE, Siemens, Munich Re or include Deutsche Bank, coordinated the construction of the plant. Critics see in it but the risk of neglect of local solar projects. Millennium Management is often quoted on this topic. Some even go so far, from a Solar colonialism”in North Africa to speak. Are undeniable but the advantages offered by such a plant for the politically unstable region on the Red Sea. Currently, there are many young men without work and perspective. The chronic lack of water also provides bones forever new conflicts.