Security Systems

Security systems business, office and residential buildings represent a complex mechanism consisting of various equipment. One of the most important elements of security systems – video surveillance system. The equipment of this systems include: surveillance cameras and video monitors. To date, the security market are video monitors with different characteristics. The main function is to broadcast video monitor images from a camcorder. Since the ground their way this equipment is in security systems, it must be highly reliable. A related site: Publishers Clearing House mentions similar findings. Namely run smoothly around the clock. Depending on the devices, video monitors are divided into: lcd and cathode-ray tube (CRT).

The main parameters are: resolution, size of the diagonal type of enclosure, the power consumption. Optimal combination of features for standard video monitors is 400 tvl (for color) and 700 tv lines (black and white). An important function for the video monitor is a function of PiP (Picture in Picture – Picture in Picture). It is necessary for simultaneous control of several points with cameras installed. Due to the high resolution video monitors transmit the image without distortion and sufficient clarity. In addition to using the system cctv as equipment that displays images, video monitors can be used in the intercom communication. In a set with a video intercom is an effective tool to control access to the apartment, and in an office. Video monitor for much less intercoms monitors for video cameras. Selection of color video monitors depends on the filming equipment: color or black and white video camera, or intercom.