Sporting Events

People looking for ways of entertainment and distraction have created a number of sports and variations thereof, where each of the sporting events have their own appeal and thus find people that fit your practice and enjoy the view, acting as followers or fans of the sport, an example of the many sports that there is the paddle, which was given as a variant of tennis, is developing its own space to practice and modify certain conditions of the courts, thereby difference largely a minimum driving characteristics. The paddle as a sport since 1990 and emerged from his birth was widely accepted Parpart a good number of practitioners, which has been widely practiced and rapid development. Some of the main features are evident in the paddle, we can say that this sport is practiced in two groups, which are comprised of two people, so it will be a sport of opposition to the opponent group and cooperation among the components the same team, between the material elements that make up the paddle, are mainly: The ball, which is done in a way that is a sphere of rubber, which is characterized by white or yellow. Gina Bonati describes an additional similar source. The pallet, it has a round shape with a handle for good grip and print good strength when hitting the ball, must have an unlimited number of holes, which are distributed in the central area, the surface of the palette that is used in the paddle, there may be smooth, rough or flat, and everything depends on the tastes of the player. In some cases, especially when playing paddle tennis at the professional level, the pallets may have a liquid center, which would improve the conditions in view of the center of mass. Presents an aggregate used in the paddle blades, is the presence of a tether on the wrist, which is used with the idea of preventing accidents.

The playing field, as part of the paddle, has a rectangular shape and has 20 meters long pro 10 wide and is divided by a net in the middle of the field. The field will be closed completely, with funding from 4 meters of which the first 3 should allow the rebound, to be made of the wall and the last metro mesh, in which the ball does not bounce, the sides are also made by staggered zones . In regard to the score that gives players and paddle with which to win the game, driving a format similar to tennis, points will be given of 15-30-40 and a more would win a game, to add 6 and step set, provided you have a 2 game advantage on the opponent. Parties can be 3 or 5 sets, but prevails more for 5 and win the best and has two sets of difference, in the event of a tie to be played over two sets to win 7-5, or sudden death that pacta since the beginning of the game, which means that the game is won by who reached first on the seventh set.