Steel Frame

Stiffener is shaped structure in the unfolded state. The very same construction is a steel frame consisting of a light tube, connected nodes, similar to an umbrella. Principle assembly-disassembly of the stand like unfolding an umbrella, and therefore stands pop up often called umbrella. The design of the mobile stand allows you to pop up in a very short time to deploy a limited area of leaf size 6.10 sq.m. These stands have appeared recently, but made a real breakthrough in the advertising industry. Now the size of the advertising image can be arbitrarily large. The stand has a diagonal stiffeners, which gives system, the maximum strength and rigidity, while graphic panels securely attached with tape. Most often stands popup frame is made of lightweight aluminum tubing so that the whole structure is both strong enough and very easy.

The tube is securely fastened together and the whole design has not only vertical but also horizontal ribs, which provides additional stability to the stand. pop up usually has a classic concave shape that enhances the visual effect, but there are also direct form of stand pop up. The main advantage of mobile stands Pop-up ad is a great field. Successful advertising image makes an unforgettable impression on the consumer. Technologically, the image is divided into several graphic panels, which are very precisely adjusted to each other and stick to the stand usually with tape, zippers practically invisible. At the booths pop up a visual image of a concave shape seems more and surround, which creates an additional effect.