Technology Equals Knowledge and Techniques

Technology is defined as the sum of knowledge and techniques, applied in a logical and orderly, enable humans to modify their virtual or physical environment to meet their needs, that is, a combined process of thought and action in order to create useful solutions. While globalization has several scenarios rigged as cultural, technological, social and economic, I believe what I see is a chain of interlinked factors can not be analyzed independently but is quite the opposite. Here is an example, we have the European Union where, although most countries have different languages and different cultures, there is increasing homogeneity of different criteria to unify the countries comprising the European Union. NY Governor shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Globalization is a phenomenon that will always exist and will continue because it is dynamic and continues to grow, but I’ll try to explain as best you can stop and not cause damage produced by a widening gap between the wealth and poverty of the countries emerging industrial countries. Large enterprises such as corporations and their powerful brands have diversified by monopolizing major markets worldwide, producing large profits and large corporations destroying local markets, but my question leads me to believe why this occurs? Because of their great brand strategy, and business planning? Or the lack of nationalism in some countries? I think the answer lies in the latest I pose, I think there are more nations predisposed to consume products and brands from outside the national own and have nothing to do with quality standards or business processes. .