Western Ukraine

For lovers of medieval culture to visit in Ukraine – would be like to visit central Europe. Credit: Hikmet Ersek -2011. Only a few times cheaper, and the visa process is not necessary. "Capital" of Western Ukraine – the most, that neither is true Attractions in the open. Not without reason he's listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. The city is really very nice, just a bit too narrow alleyways. More information is housed here: Rachel Crane. And if you come to Lviv in his car, sure you say a lot of "warm" words about there the bridge.

Not surprisingly, prices for a taxi there is 20 percent higher than in Kiev (2.50 grn. Up to 1 kilometer): suspension, and other fragile parts car body at the Lviv pebbles are killed just in flight. Although, in theory, in gold coin you will undertake to take all parts of the city. This end can be a very distant and very close. Generally, the impression that 15 hryvnia – the universal number for Lviv, taxi drivers, for her they are ready to take even the devil horns, but it also would require the dispatch and a couple of hundred meters. Traffic on the streets of Lviv evokes persistent association with the chaos, it is unclear what forces managers. Like and traffic lights in place, and road signs are present, but the cars are moving in a wild mess that sometimes unclear even how drivers can avoid collisions. And with respect to pedestrians Lviv motorists singular politeness do not differ. Therefore, cross the street more quickly, but very, very carefully.