The executive

But the personal element plays a very large, fundamental and decisive. From what we consider is the businessman, the entrepreneur, as a product to develop, with those qualities and strengths that must attend every day to achieve their goals more effectively. Preparing for the constant negotiation, have the tools to develop our manpower and our skills should be a goal always present in any executive or entrepreneur. In the personal marketing the product is the person, their strengths, qualities and attributes, and what is it that the person learns to influence interact with them, to accept, consider, and especially influence that you achieve your business goals or personal which has been offered. And as a product must also have a number of personal attributes in the field of interpersonal relationships necessary to sell, and achieve their business goals.

And every day should work to cultivate and refine their attributes in order to achieve better results. When the essence of the product, in this case of the businessman, is barely distinguishable from others, and referred to here as essential to the ability of the executive and professional preparation that will make a difference from their own intrinsic capacity building, referring to their goals in life and how they address them to achieve them, as well as relationship skills, communication and behavior that has developed. We also stop at the personal attributes of social behavior that allow the executive to develop their work with varying degrees of success. These attributes identified from the development and enhancement of emotional intelligence and the study of norms of social behavior and communication are basic to mixtures with professional knowledge, he has become a successful executive.