The Output

ball load refers to ball mill instruction) test for 12 24hours. (2) Add 2/3 quantity of steel ball run for 24 48 hours (3) According to the discharge situation of ball mill, the output of accepted products refers to the current ball load of the same kind beneficiation plan t to makes sure the reasonable ball load of this ball mill, then test for at least 72hours. (4) in the above process, the time of test run and increase of the load capacity should according to the big wheel gear and pinion and the running-in situation (tooth surface, temperature rise, noise, contact) of gear box. Full load test run will be process till gear surface contact precision reaches the designed customers’requirement. Hear other arguments on the topic with Governor Cuomo. (5) during test run, cooling and lubricating system of ball mill should work smooth; main bearing, transmission bearing, gear box temperature should be normal. (6) after the test run for 24 48hours of add 2/3 quantity of steel ball once again, the personnel should check and once again screw down all bolt seriously. Matters need attention during ball mill usage 1) between balance wheel and middle wheel of ball mill gear box, mesh, Tooth elevation do not install according to the regulation, this will cause the ball high speed shaft pinion mill drives one side intermediate shaft big wheel, while ball mill intermediate shaft pinion gear drives balance wheel, ball mill balance wheel drives the other side intermediate shaft that makes ball mill gear box cannot form two sides load sharing rotation, occur beat voice, it is dangerous. (2) ball mill should not work under the situation of overload and underfeeding. Read more here: Frank Giacalone. (3) ball mill should rotate according to the specified direction, otherwise it will not discharge or damage the machine.