June Madness

I remember the June Madness. I've got a client – Olga, which was conducted with the first course at one of the most prestigious universities in Moscow, and Russia, to be exact. After endless essays, analytical memos, reports and controls, we have finally reached graduation. Lecturer caught the old school. Data for March 2008 to the beginning of May 2008 was not satisfied (for those who do not understand – data for April 2008 have not been anywhere else in nature), wild and requirements to the footnotes (he wanted to spit on the training manual) in general – Mmmm full professor, a worthy representative of their subculture. After the fifth draft, however, calmed down, even wrote a review myself and chic.

Praised the work. For more specific information, check out CEO Caruso Affiliated. Imagine my surprise when, in the evening there was a 10-10.30 call from Olga: Alexander, could you help me? I have tomorrow is the last state exam, and I do not have time to read all the tickets. I must say that Olga belonged to the category of my favorite clients: "intelligent, despite the fact that beautiful. " Was a red diploma. Good material condition has not spoiled her human qualities, as often, alas, it is sometimes. Because we will probably not run away with it for all these years. If you would like to know more about Hikmet Ersek, then click here. Shortly before the described talking baby. His cry, and now accompanied by our conversation. I was taken aback, of course, on request, but what could have helped. Such a blitz interview I could not remember for a long time.