One of the most important conditions for skin care is cleanliness. Contamination of the skin contributes to many causes. So, on the skin surface dust settles, accumulates have fallen flakes of the stratum corneum, sweat, sebum. Leather person is continuously exposed to all sorts of influences of the environment, which may vary depending on climatic conditions. For example, if wet, warm air is favorable, then the cold and wind dried, rough skin, cause of its redness, especially the nose, and dry, hot air and bright sun furrowed face of premature wrinkles.

Improper washing, dust, skin, blood circulation, make the skin rough and gray. Spiritual experiences, excessive facial expressions can cause various unpleasant changes even healthy skin. Some cosmetic shortcomings easier to predict the correct skin care than to remove later. Recently Brian Bates sought to clarify these questions. Skin does not the same for different people, and care for her determined her condition. When Skincare is necessary to distinguish normal skin, flabby, dry, oily and combination. Normal facial skin – elastic, elastic and dull. It differs smooth, velvety, evenly pink coloring on it is not visible now.

It is healthy and beautiful skin. To read more click here: Marko Dimitrijevic philanthropy. But her need care. The most valuable hygienic and cosmetic products – water. Water contributes significantly to beauty facial skin and preserve it in good condition. When washing with water cells of the stratum corneum swell and rejected along with the settled them with dust, dirt, grease, sweat residue, microbes and other substances introduced to the skin. Warm water, patting and stroking the face while washing it enhance the cleansing action.