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Try a pre-shampoo treatment, such as “The Strokes” of Lush Cosmetics, which sheathes your locks in all sorts of goodies like beer, yeast and olive oil. This treatment is applied before you shampoo so it keeps cleaning agents required removing all the oils of your hair. Products Conditioning – If your hair is thick side, use conditioners formulated to “smoothly.” They generated a nice movie in the hair fiber, adding weight and smooth at the same time. The fine hair, however, the friendly the film becomes more of an enemy it may add too much weight. in this case, use a daily conditioner formulated for colored hair.

That’ll make sure your hair gets a little extra moisture, without trading frizz planarity. Maximize the benefits of air! Keep a cloth or a dry hand towel face closely and, after shampooing, squeeze out all excess moisture from your hair in the towel. Then apply the conditioner. It’s going to keep the product from becoming diluted by water already in your hair, increasing its effectiveness. Leave-in conditioners – Generally, the concept of applying a viscous layer on the hair may seem unappealing … when it comes to nixing the frizz, but slime is the ticket. Not just any mud, however, try to “Sebastian Potion 9” for a licensed air conditioning treatment that will soothe your tired hair and offer a touch of suspense.

I’m not sure how people feel about me Sebastian promoting its product as a slime-fix. I really want to say that in the nicest way possible. Styling Products – Here is the truth. There is a product of good design that will / straighten your hair in the miraculous way demonstrated in the ads. Surely this is not news to you and I’m sure I have a closet full of cast-away “smoothers” to prove it. Styling Creamproductos help the condition of the hair and silicones can disguise the frizz, but both should be used in combination with proper design techniques. Color Glossing – Products like Sebastian ColourShines has a sealing effect on the hair and significantly enhance the brightness. Ideal for curly hair! If you’re not looking to change the color of your hair, go for a clear gloss … same benefits, without compromise. THINGS TO AVOID – Scan the list of “no” then make sure you are not unwittingly contributing to the problem. Combs and toothbrushes excessive heat styling fine hair touching while drying High alcohol content styling products (gels to stand firm and lacquers) Any type of friction to the hair Consider armed with enough knowledge to challenge the frizz and come out victorious. Combine all the tips here for best results …