Best Soccer Madrid

To enjoy the best soccer of Europe in Santiago Bernabu the passion meringue does not have limit, for that reason always it is a good idea to take some from the many cheap flights Madrid to enjoy the parties Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League or Spanish Liga the First Division. Ryanair is one of the companies of low COST that fly to the capital of Spain from several national provinces. The house of Real Madrid, the Stage Santiago Bernabu always appears like one more an excursion than interesting for the lovers of the soccer football, who will be able to appreciate in the one of the most beautiful scenes of Europe soccer of first level at which the madridistas have to us customary. The stage is in the Stroll of the Castilian and is of very easy access through meter, connecting with line 10 until the station Santiago Bernabu. The Stroll of the Castilian is one of the most important avenues of Madrid, and is one of the main routes of circulation of the city, running of north to the south.

Inaugurated in 1947, it counts on one capacity of more than 80,000 spectators. Here not only parties of the Spanish local championship are disputed, but he is one of the main stages where parties of glass the UEFA gamble. In fact, 22 the March of the 2010 the end of this championship between the Inter equipment of Milan gambled and the Bayern Munich, with a result from two to zero in favor of the Italian square, with goals of the Argentinean I militate. Real Madrid Club of Soccer counts already on 108 years of a rich history maintains that it like protagonist of Spanish soccer. It has never known what is the reduction of category, having obtained 31 times the glass consecrates that it like Spanish champion, eight times Supercopa Spain and 17 times the Glass of the King. Also Liga has obtained de Campeones of Glass the UEFA nine times, glass the UEFA 2 times, Supercopa of Europe in an opportunity and the Intercontinental Glass in three, like part of the 20 secured international matches in the history of the club. The liking to Real Madrid is one of most popular of Spain, calculating that a third of fanatics of soccer are fan of this club. The same count with more than 85.000 partners. Also the madridistas rocks are very important, extended by all the country, that take advantage of the supplies Madrid cheap flights to live the passion meringue close by.