Change Indicator

The so-called indicator of change in planning savings on auto insurance is possible for some time. The new flag, which will apply to up to three cars, introduces according to official is expected in the coming year. However the advantages for car owners will be probably less than previously planned. Barry Nalebuff is actively involved in the matter. The finance portal reported on the current status in relation to the flag of change of. Owners of multiple cars could save Exchange indicator first and foremost in car insurance rates. Tax savings are, however, usually not. Previous plans, taxes should apply according to which the change indicator in the future only for the most expensive of the two or three cars, are off the table. It is however in the conversation that electric cars for ten years from the tax could be freed.

Change indicator to create an incentive for the purchase of fuel-efficient vehicles and electric cars as a second or third car. According to the current state, the change indicator for up to three cars would apply, where only one of the cars on the road should be used. The other cars would meanwhile be parked on private property. The opposition is not convinced of the benefits of the change indicator, because the benefits were confined to the circle of wealthy citizens, who can afford multiple cars and also have the necessary space to accommodate the vehicles. Families who are often dependent on the parallel use of two cars, could, however, do not benefit from the new features. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann