I will go to use one fabula to start the article of this week. Certain morning, a farmer discovered that its hen had rank a gold egg. Apanhou the egg, ran for house, showed it the woman to it, saying: _ Veja! We are rich! It took the egg to the market and vendeu it for a good price. In the following morning, the woman started to treat the hen very and feeds it well better and in the following week the hen put another gold egg, that the farmer vendeu for one better price. thus happened during many weeks. The ambitious farmer started to find that the cost with the feeding of the hen was very high and changed the good bran for one of lesser quality, exactly thus the hen continued to botar eggs of ouros from fear not to have what to eat to put due to the treatment the hen he started to imply with the farmer and the eggs already were not so shining.

The farmer continued to complain of the cost with the maintenance of the hen, and continued diminishing the quality of the bran. For its side the hen started to be chateada with the farmer because although the effort in botar egg it felt that she was not recognized and in turn the farmer found that the hen could botar more better eggs and. A time arrived that the farmer already did not feed more the hen and the chateada hen was even so and never more it came back. They say that he was very difficult the farmer to obtain another equal hen and the hen to have the least an equal bran to the one of the farmer. When head has collaborator that she works very well, it delivery always everything in day and with maximum exactness possible, and not condition makes nothing to improve of employee and still with to pass of time finds that the cost of this collaborator is high in comparison with the presented income, that already is not the same of the good times, must ask that type of ‘ ‘ alimentao’ ‘ this giving for this collaborator so that it has this type of attitude, therefore if nothing will be made to revert this situation, one day, when it will have chance to go to work in a place, where he will have better conditions of work and better remuneration, it anger. At the same time when he is himself used if it does not have to fall in the room or implicncias without beddings with the heads. They are there for fulfilling goals and making with that the company arrives at a common objective, the profit. Put we never do not have contenting in them with one ‘ ‘ farelo’ ‘ me the quality and yes to always long for better conditions of work always remembering that to receive she is also necessary to offer, that is, we must keep the brightness of always. I do not know the vocs situation reading, to put I say perhaps that as well as the farmer and hen she is difficult we find the same gold egg hen that we have today. We go to reflect on this! (Peter Pablo Galindo Morales is Technologist in Management, Postgraduate in Controladoria, Technician in Accounting and blogueiro,).